Commit 31961fb8 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Added ulp_error.

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......@@ -122,4 +122,58 @@ now rewrite <- Rabs_Ropp.
now apply ulp_pred_succ_pt_pos.
End Flocq_ulp.
\ No newline at end of file
Theorem ulp_error :
forall rnd : R -> R,
Rounding_for_Format F rnd ->
forall x,
(Rabs (rnd x - x) < ulp x)%R.
intros rnd Hrnd x.
assert (Hs := generic_format_satisfies_any beta _ prop_exp).
destruct (satisfies_any_imp_DN F Hs) as (rndd, Hd).
specialize (Hd x).
destruct (Rle_lt_or_eq_dec (rndd x) x) as [Hxd|Hxd].
(* x = rnd x *)
apply Hd.
assert (Fx : ~F x).
intros Fx.
apply Rlt_not_le with (1 := Hxd).
apply Req_le.
apply sym_eq.
now apply Rnd_DN_pt_idempotent with (1 := Hd).
destruct (satisfies_any_imp_UP F Hs) as (rndu, Hu).
specialize (Hu x).
assert (Hxu : (x < rndu x)%R).
apply Rnot_le_lt.
intros Hxu.
apply Fx.
rewrite Rle_antisym with (2 := Hxu).
apply Hu.
apply Hu.
rewrite (ulp_pred_succ_pt _ _ _ Fx Hd Hu) in Hxu, Hu.
destruct (Rnd_DN_or_UP_pt _ _ Hrnd _ _ _ Hd Hu) as [Hr|Hr] ;
rewrite Hr ; clear Hr.
rewrite <- Ropp_minus_distr.
rewrite Rabs_Ropp, Rabs_pos_eq.
apply Rplus_lt_reg_r with (rndd x).
now replace (rndd x + (x - rndd x))%R with x by ring.
apply Rle_0_minus.
apply Hd.
rewrite Rabs_pos_eq.
apply Rplus_lt_reg_r with (x - ulp x)%R.
now ring_simplify.
apply Rle_0_minus.
apply Hu.
(* x <> rnd x *)
rewrite Hxd in Hd.
rewrite (proj2 (proj2 Hrnd)).
unfold Rminus.
rewrite Rplus_opp_r.
rewrite Rabs_R0.
unfold ulp, F2R. simpl.
rewrite Rmult_1_l.
apply epow_gt_0.
apply Hd.
End Flocq_ulp.
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