Commit 2fde0890 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Started proof of generic_NE_pt.

parent 875447d5
......@@ -808,6 +808,18 @@ apply Rle_lt_trans with (2 := proj2 He).
apply (generic_DN_pt x).
Theorem scaled_mantissa_DN :
forall x,
(0 < rounding ZrndDN x)%R ->
scaled_mantissa (rounding ZrndDN x) = Z2R (Zfloor (scaled_mantissa x)).
intros x Hd.
unfold scaled_mantissa.
rewrite canonic_exponent_DN with (1 := Hd).
unfold rounding, F2R. simpl.
now rewrite Rmult_assoc, <- bpow_add, Zplus_opp_r, Rmult_1_r.
Theorem generic_N_pt_DN_or_UP :
forall x f,
Rnd_N_pt generic_format x f ->
......@@ -624,18 +624,19 @@ End Znearest.
Definition ZrndNE := ZrndN (fun x => if Zeven_dec (Zfloor x) then false else true).
Theorem generic_NE_pt :
Theorem generic_NE_pt_pos :
forall x,
(0 < x)%R ->
Rnd_NE_pt x (rounding beta fexp ZrndNE x).
intros x.
intros x Hx.
apply generic_N_pt.
unfold NE_prop.
set (mx := scaled_mantissa beta fexp x).
set (xr := rounding beta fexp ZrndNE x).
destruct (Req_dec (mx - Z2R (Zfloor mx)) (/2)) as [Hm|Hm].
(* midpoint *)
exists (Float beta (Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp xr)) (canonic_exponent beta fexp xr)).
......@@ -645,10 +646,98 @@ unfold Fcore_generic_fmt.canonic. simpl.
apply f_equal.
apply (generic_N_pt _ x).
unfold xr, rounding, Zrnd. simpl.
unfold Znearest.
fold mx.
rewrite Hm.
rewrite Rcompare_Eq. 2: apply refl_equal.
destruct (Zeven_dec (Zfloor mx)) as [Hmx|Hmx].
(* . even floor *)
change (Zeven (Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp (rounding beta fexp ZrndDN x)))).
destruct (Rle_or_lt (rounding beta fexp ZrndDN x) 0) as [Hr|Hr].
rewrite (Rle_antisym _ _ Hr).
unfold scaled_mantissa.
rewrite Rmult_0_l.
change R0 with (Z2R 0).
now rewrite (Ztrunc_Z2R 0).
erewrite <- rounding_0.
apply rounding_monotone ; try easy.
now apply Rlt_le.
rewrite scaled_mantissa_DN ; try easy.
now rewrite Ztrunc_Z2R.
(* . odd floor *)
change (Zeven (Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp (rounding beta fexp ZrndUP x)))).
destruct (ln_beta beta x) as (ex, Hex).
specialize (Hex (Rgt_not_eq _ _ Hx)).
rewrite (Rabs_pos_eq _ (Rlt_le _ _ Hx)) in Hex.
destruct (Z_lt_le_dec (fexp ex) ex) as [He|He].
(* .. large pos *)
assert (Hu := rounding_bounded_large_pos _ _ ZrndUP _ _ He Hex).
assert (Hfc: Zceil mx = (Zfloor mx + 1)%Z).
apply Zceil_floor_neq.
intros H.
rewrite H in Hm.
unfold Rminus in Hm.
rewrite Rplus_opp_r in Hm.
elim (Rlt_irrefl 0).
rewrite Hm at 2.
apply Rinv_0_lt_compat.
now apply (Z2R_lt 0 2).
destruct (proj2 Hu) as [Hu'|Hu'].
(* ... u <> bpow *)
unfold scaled_mantissa.
rewrite canonic_exponent_fexp_pos with (1 := conj (proj1 Hu) Hu').
unfold rounding, F2R. simpl.
rewrite canonic_exponent_fexp_pos with (1 := Hex).
rewrite Rmult_assoc, <- bpow_add, Zplus_opp_r, Rmult_1_r.
rewrite Ztrunc_Z2R.
fold mx.
rewrite Hfc.
apply Zeven_Sn.
destruct (Zeven_odd_dec (Zfloor mx)) as [H|H].
now elim Hmx.
exact H.
(* ... u = bpow *)
rewrite Hu'.
unfold scaled_mantissa, canonic_exponent.
rewrite ln_beta_bpow.
rewrite <- bpow_add, <- Z2R_Zpower.
rewrite Ztrunc_Z2R.
destruct (Zeven_odd_dec (radix_val beta)) as [Hr|Hr].
destruct strong_fexp as [Hs|Hs].
now elim (Zeven_not_Zodd _ Hr).
destruct (Hs ex) as (H,_).
apply Zeven_Zpower.
exact Hr.
elim Hmx.
replace (Zfloor mx) with (Zceil mx - 1)%Z by omega.
apply Zeven_pred.
unfold mx.
replace (Zceil (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x)) with (Zpower (radix_val beta) (ex - fexp ex)).
apply Zodd_Zpower.
exact Hr.
apply eq_Z2R.
rewrite Z2R_Zpower. 2: omega.
apply Rmult_eq_reg_r with (bpow (fexp ex)).
unfold Zminus.
rewrite bpow_add.
rewrite Rmult_assoc, <- bpow_add, Zplus_opp_l, Rmult_1_r.
pattern (fexp ex) ; rewrite <- canonic_exponent_fexp_pos with (1 := Hex).
now apply sym_eq.
apply Rgt_not_eq.
apply bpow_gt_0.
generalize (proj1 (prop_exp ex) He).
(* .. small pos *)
elim Hmx.
unfold mx, scaled_mantissa.
rewrite canonic_exponent_fexp_pos with (1 := Hex).
now rewrite mantissa_DN_small_pos.
(* not midpoint *)
intros f Hf.
intros g Hg.
End Fcore_rnd_NE.
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