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Commit 2c61c07c authored by Erik Martin-Dorel's avatar Erik Martin-Dorel Committed by Guillaume Melquiond

Fix computation of Flocq_version.

This patch fixes a bug that would have occurred with 2-digit version numbers.
parent d7aee29b
......@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ Definition Flocq_version := Eval vm_compute in
let fix parse s major minor :=
match s with
| String "."%char t => parse t (major * 100 + minor)%N N0
| String h t => parse t major (minor + N_of_ascii h - N_of_ascii "0"%char)%N
| String h t =>
parse t major (minor * 10 + N_of_ascii h - N_of_ascii "0"%char)%N
| Empty_string => (major * 100 + minor)%N
end in
parse "@PACKAGE_VERSION@"%string N0 N0.
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