Commit 23cf3d6e authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Added lemma Rnd_DN_UP_pt_N.

parent 502358ba
......@@ -684,6 +684,39 @@ now rewrite <- Hx.
exact HF.
Theorem Rnd_DN_UP_pt_N :
forall F : R -> Prop,
forall x d u f : R,
F f ->
Rnd_DN_pt F x d ->
Rnd_UP_pt F x u ->
(Rabs (f - x) <= x - d)%R ->
(Rabs (f - x) <= u - x)%R ->
Rnd_N_pt F x f.
intros F x d u f Hf Hxd Hxu Hd Hu.
exact Hf.
intros g Hg.
destruct (Rnd_DN_UP_pt_split F x d u Hxd Hxu g Hg) as [Hgd|Hgu].
(* g <= d *)
apply Rle_trans with (1 := Hd).
rewrite Rabs_left1.
rewrite Ropp_minus_distr.
apply Rplus_le_compat_l.
now apply Ropp_le_contravar.
apply Rle_minus.
apply Rle_trans with (1 := Hgd).
apply Hxd.
(* u <= g *)
apply Rle_trans with (1 := Hu).
rewrite Rabs_pos_eq.
now apply Rplus_le_compat_r.
apply Rle_0_minus.
apply Rle_trans with (2 := Hgu).
apply Hxu.
Definition Rnd_NG_pt_unicity_prop F P :=
forall x d u,
Rnd_DN_pt F x d -> Rnd_N_pt F x d ->
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