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Commit 15d7163d authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Added digits_mult_ge.

parent f94725d7
......@@ -474,6 +474,27 @@ omega.
apply digits_mult_strong ; apply Zabs_pos.
Theorem digits_mult_ge :
forall x y,
(x <> 0)%Z -> (y <> 0)%Z ->
(digits x + digits y - 1 <= digits (x * y))%Z.
intros x y Zx Zy.
cut ((digits x - 1) + (digits y - 1) < digits (x * y))%Z. omega.
apply digits_gt_Zpower.
rewrite Zabs_Zmult.
rewrite Zpower_exp.
apply Zmult_le_compat.
apply Zpower_le_digits.
apply Zlt_pred.
apply Zpower_le_digits.
apply Zlt_pred.
apply Zpower_ge_0.
apply Zpower_ge_0.
generalize (digits_gt_0 x). omega.
generalize (digits_gt_0 y). omega.
Theorem digits_shr :
forall m e,
(0 <= m)%Z ->
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