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Zrnd_odd good but hard proofs...

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Require Import Fcore.
Definition Zrnd_odd x := match Rcompare x (Z2R (Zfloor x)) with
| Eq => Zfloor x
| _ => match (Zeven (Zfloor x)) with
Definition Zrnd_odd x := match Req_EM_T x (Z2R (Zfloor x)) with
| left _ => Zfloor x
| right _ => match (Zeven (Zfloor x)) with
| true => Zceil x
| false => Zfloor x
Global Instance valid_rnd_odd : Valid_rnd Zrnd_odd.
(* . *)
intros x y Hxy.
assert (Zfloor x <= Zrnd_odd y)%Z.
(* .. *)
apply Zle_trans with (Zfloor y).
now apply Zfloor_le.
unfold Zrnd_odd; destruct (Req_EM_T y (Z2R (Zfloor y))).
now apply Zle_refl.
case (Zeven (Zfloor y)).
apply le_Z2R.
apply Rle_trans with y.
apply Zfloor_lb.
apply Zceil_ub.
now apply Zle_refl.
unfold Zrnd_odd at 1.
(* . *)
destruct (Req_EM_T x (Z2R (Zfloor x))) as [Hx|Hx].
(* .. *)
apply H.
(* .. *)
case_eq (Zeven (Zfloor x)); intros Hx2.
2: apply H.
unfold Zrnd_odd; destruct (Req_EM_T y (Z2R (Zfloor y))) as [Hy|Hy].
apply Zceil_glb.
now rewrite <- Hy.
case_eq (Zeven (Zfloor y)); intros Hy2.
now apply Zceil_le.
apply Zceil_glb.
assert (H0:(Zfloor x <= Zfloor y)%Z) by now apply Zfloor_le.
case (Zle_lt_or_eq _ _ H0); intros H1.
apply Rle_trans with (1:=Zceil_ub _).
rewrite Zceil_floor_neq.
apply Z2R_le; omega.
now apply sym_not_eq.
contradict Hy2.
rewrite <- H1, Hx2; discriminate.
(* . *)
intros n; unfold Zrnd_odd.
rewrite Zfloor_Z2R, Zceil_Z2R.
destruct (Req_EM_T (Z2R n) (Z2R n)); trivial.
case (Zeven n); trivial.
Lemma Zrnd_odd_Zodd: forall x, x <> (Z2R (Zfloor x)) ->
(Zeven (Zrnd_odd x)) = false.
intros x Hx; unfold Zrnd_odd.
destruct (Rcompare_spec x (Z2R (Zfloor x))).
case_eq (Zeven (Zfloor x)).
contradict H; apply Rle_not_lt.
apply Zfloor_lb.
destruct (Req_EM_T x (Z2R (Zfloor x))) as [H|H].
now contradict H.
case_eq (Zeven (Zfloor x)).
(* difficult case *)
......@@ -29,6 +74,9 @@ now apply sym_not_eq.
Section Fcore_rnd_odd.
Variable beta : radix.
......@@ -42,26 +90,183 @@ Context { exists_NE_ : Exists_NE beta fexp }.
Notation format := (generic_format beta fexp).
Notation canonic := (canonic beta fexp).
Notation cexp := (canonic_exp beta fexp).
Definition Rnd_odd_pt (x f : R) :=
format f /\ ((f = x)%R \/
((Rnd_DN_pt format f x \/ Rnd_UP_pt format f x) /\
exists g : float beta, f = F2R g /\ canonic g /\ Zeven (Fnum g) = false)).
Definition Rnd_odd (rnd : R -> R) :=
forall x : R, Rnd_odd_pt x (rnd x).
Lemma Rmult_neq_reg_r: forall r1 r2 r3:R, (r2 * r1 <> r3 * r1)%R -> r2 <> r3.
intros r1 r2 r3 H1 H2.
apply H1; rewrite H2; ring.
Lemma round_odd_pt :
forall x,
Rnd_odd_pt x (round beta fexp Zrnd_odd x).
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
intros x.
generalize (generic_format_round beta fexp Zrnd_odd x).
set (o:=round beta fexp Zrnd_odd x).
intros Ho.
case (Req_dec o x); intros Hx.
now left.
admit. (* très facile *)
generalize (generic_format_round beta fexp Zfloor x).
set (d:=round beta fexp Zfloor x).
unfold generic_format.
set (ed := canonic_exp beta fexp d).
set (md := Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp d)).
intros Hd1.
case_eq (Zeven md) ; [ intros He | intros Hee ].
exists (Float beta md ed).
unfold Fcore_generic_fmt.canonic.
rewrite <- Hd1.
repeat split; try assumption.
unfold d, o, Zrnd_odd, round.
apply f_equal; apply f_equal2; try reflexivity.
fold md.
SearchRewrite (round _ _ _ _).
generalize (proj1 Hu).
unfold generic_format.
set (eu := canonic_exp beta fexp u).
set (mu := Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp u)).
intros Hu1.
rewrite Hu1.
eexists ; repeat split.
unfold Fcore_generic_fmt.canonic.
now rewrite <- Hu1.
rewrite (DN_UP_parity_generic x (Float beta md ed) (Float beta mu eu)).
now rewrite Ho.
exact Hf.
unfold Fcore_generic_fmt.canonic.
now rewrite <- Hd1.
unfold Fcore_generic_fmt.canonic.
now rewrite <- Hu1.
rewrite <- Hd1.
apply Rnd_DN_pt_unicity with (1 := Hd).
now apply round_DN_pt.
rewrite <- Hu1.
apply Rnd_UP_pt_unicity with (1 := Hu).
now apply round_UP_pt.
Definition Rnd_DN_pt (F : R -> Prop) (x f : R) :=
F f /\ (f <= x)%R /\
forall g : R, F g -> (g <= x)%R -> (g <= f)%R.
Definition Rnd_DN (F : R -> Prop) (rnd : R -> R) :=
forall x : R, Rnd_DN_pt F x (rnd x).
Definition NE_prop (_ : R) f :=
exists g : float beta, f = F2R g /\ canonic g /\ Zeven (Fnum g) = true.
Definition Rnd_NE_pt :=
Rnd_NG_pt format NE_prop.
apply Zrnd_odd_Zodd.
apply Rmult_neq_reg_r with (bpow (canonic_exp beta fexp x)).
rewrite scaled_mantissa_mult_bpow.
apply sym_not_eq.
replace ((Z2R (Zfloor (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x)) * bpow (canonic_exp beta fexp x)))%R with
(round beta fexp Zfloor x) by reflexivity.
intros H; apply Hx; clear Hx.
unfold round, Zrnd_odd in *.
case (Req_EM_T (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x)
(Z2R (Zfloor (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x)))); intros Hx.
absurd (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x =
Z2R (Zfloor (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x))).
unfold scaled_mantissa at 1.
rewrite <- H at 1.
unfold F2R; simpl.
rewrite Rmult_assoc, <- bpow_plus.
ring_simplify (canonic_exp beta fexp x + - canonic_exp beta fexp x)%Z.
apply Rmult_1_r.
Theorem Rnd_NG_pt_unicity :
forall (F : R -> Prop) (P : R -> R -> Prop),
Rnd_NG_pt_unicity_prop F P ->
forall x f1 f2 : R,
Rnd_NG_pt F P x f1 -> Rnd_NG_pt F P x f2 ->
f1 = f2.
Theorem Rnd_NG_pt_monotone :
forall (F : R -> Prop) (P : R -> R -> Prop),
Rnd_NG_pt_unicity_prop F P ->
round_pred_monotone (Rnd_NG_pt F P).
Theorem Rnd_NG_pt_refl :
forall (F : R -> Prop) (P : R -> R -> Prop),
forall x, F x -> Rnd_NG_pt F P x x.
intros F P x Hx.
now apply Rnd_N_pt_refl.
intros f2 Hf2.
now apply Rnd_N_pt_idempotent with F.
Theorem Rnd_NG_pt_sym :
forall (F : R -> Prop) (P : R -> R -> Prop),
( forall x, F x -> F (-x) ) ->
( forall x f, P x f -> P (-x) (-f) ) ->
forall x f : R,
Rnd_NG_pt F P (-x) (-f) -> Rnd_NG_pt F P x f.
Theorem satisfies_any_imp_UP :
forall F : R -> Prop,
satisfies_any F ->
round_pred (Rnd_UP_pt F).
Theorem Rnd_NE_pt_total :
round_pred_total Rnd_NE_pt.
......@@ -77,10 +282,7 @@ apply Rnd_NE_pt_total.
apply Rnd_NE_pt_monotone.
Lemma round_NE_pt_pos :
forall x,
(0 < x)%R ->
Rnd_NE_pt x (round beta fexp ZnearestE x).
Theorem round_NE_opp :
forall x,
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