Commit 05e7e80c authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Added equivalence of generic formats with respect to functions.

parent 9b6bcf0c
......@@ -681,3 +681,15 @@ now apply generic_DN_pt_pos.
End RND_generic.
Theorem generic_format_fun_eq :
forall beta : radix, forall f1 f2 : Z -> Z, forall x,
f1 (projT1 (ln_beta beta (Rabs x))) = f2 (projT1 (ln_beta beta (Rabs x))) ->
generic_format beta f1 x -> generic_format beta f2 x.
intros beta f1 f2 x Hf (f,(Hx1,Hx2)).
exists f.
exact Hx1.
now rewrite <- Hf.
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