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Commit 0208d824 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Generalized on absolute values of rounding.

parent 9bae25bc
......@@ -665,6 +665,31 @@ now rewrite <- Hx.
apply bpow_ge_0.
Theorem rounding_abs_abs :
forall P : R -> R -> Prop,
( forall rnd x, P x (rounding rnd x) ) ->
forall rnd x, P (Rabs x) (Rabs (rounding rnd x)).
intros P HP rnd x.
destruct (Rle_or_lt 0 x) as [Hx|Hx].
(* . *)
rewrite 2!Rabs_pos_eq.
apply HP.
rewrite <- (rounding_0 rnd).
now apply rounding_monotone.
exact Hx.
(* . *)
rewrite (Rabs_left _ Hx).
rewrite Rabs_left1.
pattern x at 2 ; rewrite <- Ropp_involutive.
rewrite rounding_opp.
rewrite Ropp_involutive.
apply HP.
rewrite <- (rounding_0 rnd).
apply rounding_monotone.
now apply Rlt_le.
Theorem rounding_DN_opp :
forall x,
rounding ZrndDN (-x) = (- rounding ZrndUP x)%R.
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