Commit 9b918a3f authored by EYRAUD-DUBOIS Lionel's avatar EYRAUD-DUBOIS Lionel

Debug IndepAccel by taking all GPU lad into account

parent 874523e4
......@@ -83,7 +83,9 @@ bool IndepAccel::tryGuess(Instance& ins, std::vector<int> taskSet, double target
int nbCPU = ins.nbWorkers[IA_CPU], nbGPU = ins.nbWorkers[IA_GPU];
double CPUload = 0, GPUload = 0;
for(int i: setG1)
GPUload += gpuTime(ins, i);
GPUload += gpuTime(ins, i);
for(int i: setG2)
GPUload += gpuTime(ins, i);
for(int i: setC2)
CPUload += cpuTime(ins, i);
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