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can be found in the `data/` directory: files with the `.pm` extension follow the in-house format, files with the `.rec`
extension follow the recfile format.
## In-house format
## In-house format
In the default in-house format, all the information about an instance is specified in one file,
specified with several arrays. Each array starts with a `[`, ends with a `]`, and contains a comma-separated
......@@ -27,7 +29,7 @@
Task numbering can be arbitrary (and does not have to follow dependencies), `pmtool` automatically computes a
topological ordering of the graph anywhere it is needed, and thus checks that there is no cycle in the graph.
## Recfile format
## Recfile format
This format uses a more standard representation (the same that Debian uses in its package system, and that StarPU uses
as an output). It is more verbose, more extensible, and allows to differentiate between the graph and the
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format is `Key: Value`, where the value may be anything (and may contain spaces). The key and value are separated by `: `.
Records are separated by double newlines.
### The instance file
### The instance file
The format of the instance file is designed as to accept the `tasks.rec` files as provided by StarPU's export tools.
The instance file contains one record per task, with the following keys:
......@@ -68,8 +70,8 @@ pmtool tasks.rec -a rep:key=rl
Because of internal behavior of StarPU, this format allows *virtual* tasks to be added to the instance. A task is virtual
if it has no `Name` field. `JobId` is still compulsory for virtual tasks. Dependencies from real tasks go *through* virtual tasks
to make them depend on any real task that this virtual task depends on.
### The platform file
### The platform file
To avoid specifying `EstimatedTime` for all tasks, it is possible to specify the platform file separately. In StarPU,
this file is provided by the `starpu_perfmodel_recdump` utility in the `tools/` directory. This file contains two parts:
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