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Commit 73602bb2 authored by EYRAUD-DUBOIS Lionel's avatar EYRAUD-DUBOIS Lionel
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Makefile dependency handling: better solution

parent 6dd049fb
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -9,10 +9,8 @@ CCFLAGS = -Wall -g $(CCOPT)
OBJS = pmtool.o algoptions.o algorithm.o schedAction.o listAlgorithm.o instance.o util.o HeftAlgorithm.o availSequence.o HybridBound.o HeteroPrio.o IndepBased.o IndepDP2.o IndepAccel.o IndepDualHP.o Dmdas.o IndepImreh.o GreedyAlgorithm.o IndepBased2.o GreedyFile.o
HEADERS = algoptions.h Dmdas.h HeftAlgorithm.h IndepAccel.h IndepBased.h IndepImreh.h timeSequence.h algorithm.h availSequence.h GreedyAlgorithm.h HeteroPrio.h IndepAllocator.h IndepDP2.h instance.h listAlgorithm.h util.h GreedyFile.h IndepBased2.h IndepDualHP.h schedAction.h
CPLEX_OBJS = AreaBound.o DepBound.o IterDepBound.o AreaStart.o IntervalBound.o
CPLEX_HEADER= AreaBound.h DepBound.h IterDepBound.h AreaStart.h IntervalBound.h
VAR_CP_DIR = $(shell echo $(CPLEX_DIR))
ifneq ($(VAR_CP_DIR),)
......@@ -33,34 +31,21 @@ CPOPTINCDIR = $(CPOPTDIR)/include
LNFLAGS += -L$(CPLEXLIBDIR) -lilocplex -lcplex -L$(CONCERTLIBDIR) -lconcert -lm -pthread
SRCS = $(OBJS:.o=.cpp)
DEP = $(OBJS:.o=.d)
pmtool: $(OBJS)
$(CC) $^ -o $@ $(CCFLAGS) $(LNFLAGS)
pmtool.o: pmtool.cpp listAlgorithm.h instance.h algorithm.h
$(CC) -c $< -o $@ $(CCFLAGS)
listAlgorithm.o: listAlgorithm.cpp listAlgorithm.h instance.h algorithm.h util.h
$(CC) -c $< -o $@ $(CCFLAGS)
-include $(DEP)
%.o: %.cpp %.h
$(CC) -c $< -o $@ $(CCFLAGS)
%.o: %.cpp
$(CC) -c $< -o $@ $(CCFLAGS) -MMD
rm *.o *~
depend: .depend
.depend: $(SRCS) $(HEADERS)
rm -f ./.depend
$(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -MM $^ > ./.depend
include .depend
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