Commit 39ac99d9 authored by EYRAUD-DUBOIS Lionel's avatar EYRAUD-DUBOIS Lionel

When using hlp several times on the command line, include the dep bound only once. Closes #32

parent 2de28399
......@@ -306,12 +306,16 @@ Algorithm* createAlg(const string& name, const AlgOptions& options) {
template <class A, typename Func>
void ProgramOptions::insertComputable(vector< pair<A, AlgOptions> > & elems, string description, Func func) {
string name;
string name;
string additionalOptions;
vector<AlgOptions> optList =
globalOptions.multiParseWithName(description, name);
if(name == "hlp") {
static bool hlpAlreadyUsed = false;
if(! hlpAlreadyUsed) {
hlpAlreadyUsed = true;
name = "greedy";
additionalOptions = "file=int@depNoHybrid[alloc]";
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