Commit 701b4508 authored by NICLAUSSE Nicolas's avatar NICLAUSSE Nicolas
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temporary comment

parent c4a0e4c9
......@@ -746,7 +746,9 @@ bool dtkDistributedServiceBasePrivate::start(void)
if (!app)
return false;
dtkDistributedServiceSysPrivate::nextFilter = app->setEventFilter(myEventFilter);
// TODO: migration to qt5 with installNativeEventFilter (we must
// defined a new class that inherits from QAbstractNativeEventFilter)
// dtkDistributedServiceSysPrivate::nextFilter = app->installNativeEventFilter(myEventFilter);
sys->controllerHandler = new dtkDistributedServiceControllerHandler(sys);
sys->startSemaphore2.release(); // let serviceMain continue (and end)
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