Commit 55d73766 authored by NICLAUSSE Nicolas's avatar NICLAUSSE Nicolas

add script to convert old parameters json to new one (move type)

parent fcadae62
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import json
import argparse
def parse_group(json_o, type_map):
for c in json_o["contents"]:
if 'group' in c:
parse_group(c['group'], type_map)
uid = c['parameter']['uid']
newtype = c['parameter']['type']
del c['parameter']['type']
type_map[uid] = newtype
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Process Convert dtk parameters file to new format (type in def).')
parser.add_argument('def_file', help='definition file')
parser.add_argument('menu_file', help='menu file')
args = parser.parse_args()
def_data = open(args.def_file)
menu_data = open(args.menu_file)
def_json = json.load(def_data)
menu_json = json.load(menu_data)
type_map = {}
for c in menu_json["contents"]:
parse_group(c['group'], type_map)
for uid in def_json["contents"].keys():
if uid in type_map:
def_json["contents"][uid]['type'] = type_map[uid]
print(uid, "not used !")
with open('new_menu.json', 'w') as outfile:
print("write new_menu.json")
json.dump(menu_json, outfile, indent = 4,)
with open('new_definition.json', 'w') as outfile:
print("write new_definition.json")
json.dump(def_json, outfile, indent = 4,)
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