Commit f1600e0e authored by GROSS-AMBLARD David's avatar GROSS-AMBLARD David
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Computes the available humanpower on the platform, and display it on Monitor

parent 0ee4f6de
......@@ -745,6 +745,8 @@ function showCurrentKnowledge($conn)
$VIEW['MAIN'] .= HTMLh1("Monitor Board");
showQueryAnswer($conn, "Users", "select id,name,count(*)-1 as '#contribution' from Users left outer join Answer on group by id,name");
showQueryAnswer($conn, "User Profile", "select * from UserProfile");
showQueryAnswer($conn,"Human Power","select sum(availability)/365 as 'Human power' from UserProfile");
showQueryAnswer($conn, "User skills", "select * from Skills");
showQueryAnswer($conn, "Activities (ArtifactClass)", "select * from ArtifactClass");
showQueryAnswer($conn, "Running activities (Artifacts)", "select concat('<a href=\"index.php?mode=showArtifact&artifactid=',id,'\">View</a>') as detail, id, classid, ownerid, node, state, awaited, attributes from Artifact");
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