Commit 8b39f52f authored by GROSS-AMBLARD David's avatar GROSS-AMBLARD David
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Better example in Headwork basics for HTMLTABLE artifact function

parent 2cda7fb8
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
"delete from Task where artifact=CURRENT_ARTIFACT",
"use 'headwork-step2' as template",
"select @BODY:=replace(@TEMPLATE,'TAG1',if(value='2','right!','wrong, sorry')),0,CURRENT_ARTIFACT from Answer where idtask=1 and artifact=CURRENT_ARTIFACT and user=SESSION_USER",
"select @TABLE:=HTMLTABLE(select id from users limit 10)",
"select @TABLE:=HTMLTABLE(select 'LeopardAddict' as user,2 as count union select 'EverestForEver',2 union select 'Anonimal5',1 union select 'Sagarman',2)",
"select @BODY:=replace(@BODY,'TAG2',@TABLE)",
"insert into Task(id,title,description,body,type,artifact) values (2,'demo','Step 2: Making decisions',@BODY,0,CURRENT_ARTIFACT)",
"delete from Profile where idartifact=CURRENT_ARTIFACT",
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