Commit 7a6bdb10 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Replace Forall by a computational version.

parent d30345b1
......@@ -116,6 +116,12 @@ apply f_equal.
now apply IH.
Fixpoint all P (l : list T) :=
match l with
| nil => True
| h :: t => P h /\ all P t
Inductive permut (p q : list T) : Prop :=
| Permut (Hl : length p = length q)
(f : ordinal (length p) -> ordinal (length p))
......@@ -420,11 +426,11 @@ apply permut_trans with (1 := H).
apply permut_sym, permut_insert.
Lemma Forall_permut :
Lemma all_permut :
forall P p q,
Forall P p ->
all P p ->
permut p q ->
Forall P q.
all P q.
intros P p q.
revert p.
......@@ -434,19 +440,18 @@ assert (Hpv := Hpq).
apply permut_sym, permut_remove in Hpv.
destruct Hpv as [s [t [Hpv Hq]]].
apply permut_sym in Hq.
cut (P v /\ Forall P (s ++ t)).
cut (P v /\ all P (s ++ t)).
intros [H1 H2].
apply Forall_cons with (1 := H1).
apply (conj H1).
now apply IH with (2 := Hq).
rewrite Hpv in Hp.
clear -Hp.
induction s as [|h p IH].
simpl in Hp.
now inversion Hp.
inversion_clear Hp.
destruct (IH H0) as [H1 H2].
apply (conj H1).
now apply Forall_cons.
exact Hp.
destruct Hp as [H1 H2].
destruct (IH H2) as [H3 H4].
apply (conj H3).
Lemma fold_right_permut :
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