Commit 0b8c8a8d authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Add bisection algorithm for integration.

parent f91bc030
......@@ -318,6 +318,39 @@ split.
now apply IH with (1 := H2).
Definition bisect prec n midp fi (check : I.type -> bool) :=
let i := fi IBu IBv in
if check i then i
let p := iter_until n
(split_piece prec midp fi)
(fun '(_, p) => (sum prec p, p))
(fun '(p, _) => check p)
(i, PTsome (Piece IBu IBv i) nil) in
sum prec (snd p).
Theorem bisect_correct :
forall prec n midp f fi check,
(forall u v, valid f u v (fi u v)) ->
valid f IBu IBv (bisect prec n midp fi check).
intros prec n midp f fi check Hfi.
unfold bisect.
destruct check.
apply Hfi.
apply sum_invariant.
apply iter_until_correct.
intros [v p].
now apply split_piece_correct.
now intros [v p].
split ; simpl.
now split.
exists (Piece IBu IBv (fi IBu IBv)), nil.
apply permut_refl.
End Bounds.
End IntegralRefiner.
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