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New release.

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......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ Ideally, you should just have to type:
The environment variable COQC can be passed to the configure script in order
to set the Coq compiler command. The configure script defaults to "coqc".
Similarly, COQDEP can be used to specify the location of "coqdep". The
COQBIN environment variable can be used to set both variables at once.
Option "--libdir=DIR" sets the directory where the compiled library files
should be installed by "./remake install". By default, the target directory
Version 0.16.2:
- fixed install rule on case-insensitive filesystems
Version 0.16.1:
- removed the custom definition of atan and used the one from Coq 8.4
AC_INIT([Interval], [0.16.1],
AC_INIT([Interval], [0.16.2],
[Guillaume Melquiond <>],
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