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# cpp-tools
# cpp_tools : small cpp tools to reuse in you projects
`cpp_tools` is a collection of headers organised as modules.
The fisrt effort here, is to use this repository as a submodule in your lib/app.
For now, the following modules are available :
- cl_parser : a command line parser to pass command line arguments to your binaries.
- parallel_manager : a utility class to manage mpi and openmp.
- colors : a terminal coloring tool.
- timers : a collection of timers for benchmarking/tracing your lib/app.
## Using this repo as a git submodule
One you have added this repo as a submodule to your own repo, `cpp_tools` provides
a simple way to initialyse the tools in your cmake.
First you need to update your cmake module path with the path to root of the submodule :
Then you need to set the `CPP_TOOLS_ROOT` variable with the path to the root of
the submodule to make `cpp_tools` aware of its own location :
set(CPP_TOOLS_ROOT ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/path/to/cpp_tools/)
Now you need to specify which modules you want to use :
And then include the `init-cpptools.cmake` file in your cmake to initialise `cpp_tools` :
This will give you access to the following targets :
- cpp_tools::cl_parser
- cpp_tools::colors
- cpp_tools::timers
- cpp_tools::parallel_manager
Now, you just have to use these targets in your cmake !
target_link_libraries(myexe PRIVATE cpp_tools::colors cpp_tools::cl_parser)
## Exporting and installing
If `cpp_tools` becomes a dependency for you, and you need to forwad its
headers in your installation process, you can do it as follow.
First you need to include `export-cpptools.cmake` in your cmake intall process.
This will generate all the target you need as dependencies (i.e `cpp_tools::colors` etc)
in the following folder `/your/install/prefix/lib/cmake/cpp_tools/` and copy the include files
required in `/your/install/prefix/include/cpp_tools/`.
Now you need to add the following entry in your `` file *BEFORE* you include your project targets :
And that's it !
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