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......@@ -78,5 +78,10 @@ And that's it !
## Documentation
:construction: Docs of the modules can be found [here]( (under construction)
# colors : simple colors for you terminal
`colors` is a single header to put color in your terminal.
# Usage
#include <iostream>
#include <cpp_tools/colors/colorized.hpp>
std::cout << cpp_tools::colors::blue << "some blue" << cpp_tools::colors::reset << '\n';
# Available colors
# parallel_manager : a helper class for parallelism
:construction: under construction
# timers : a collection of helpful timers
:construction: New timers will be added !
# Simple timer example
#include <iostream>
#include <cpp_tools/timers/simple_timer.hpp>
auto main() -> int
// default is millisecond
cpp_tools::timers::timer time{};
// or cpp_tools::timers::timer<std::chrono::microseconds> time{};
// for timings in milliseconds etc ...
// some stuff to time...
// directly : std::cout << " time elapsed : " << time.tac_and_elapsed() << "ms\n";
// or :
std::cout << " time elapsed : " << time.elapsed() << "ms\n";
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