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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Current authors:
Andreas Enge, co-author of cmh since 2010
Emmanuel Thomé, co-author of cmh since 2010
Authors may be reached by contact means easily found by Internet search.
Previous author:
......@@ -123,11 +123,10 @@ square, and (A,B) minimal in the sense that no smaller pair defines the
same field (the script complains if this is the case). The special case
where the Galois group of X^4+A*X^2+B is Z/2 * Z/2 is also forbidden.
The main entry point is the script:
The main entry point is the script placed in the following location by
"make install":
(this script appears only once `make' has been called)
Its syntax is:
$prefix/bin/ -p -f A B
......@@ -153,6 +152,9 @@ computed class polynomial for correctness as follows (see also BUGS).
- check that the Jacobian of the curve above has cardinal Norm(1\pm pi).
Some other flags are mostly for interal use. Noteworthy ones are -N,
which disables the temporary checkpoint data creation, and -b xxxx, which
modifies the starting precision.
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