Commit 83d340f2 authored by Armaël Guéneau's avatar Armaël Guéneau

Fix the generator to insert a Pay in for loops

parent 8d8b89e7
......@@ -865,8 +865,10 @@ let rec cfg_exp env e =
match caml_dir with
| Upto -> For_loop_up
| Downto -> For_loop_down
Cf_for (dir, param, lift low, lift high, aux body)
let cf_body = aux body in
let cf_body = if !Mytools.use_credits then Cf_pay cf_body else cf_body in
Cf_for (dir, param, lift low, lift high, cf_body)
| Texp_array args ->
let arg = coq_list ( lift args) in
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