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......@@ -38,10 +38,13 @@ The respective installation instructions are:
- [ConnectionLens-Gui installation instructions](
## Example
The example below ingests 5 small data sources of different formats into a graph. It also shows how to query the graph and visualize the results.
#### Creeting a small graph (command line)
From the main folder, call the jar in the `core` folder with the following options:
......@@ -50,6 +53,78 @@ java -jar core/connection-lens-core-full-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -DRDBMSDBName=cl_myins
For more options, the following command will provide further details about applicable parameters and options:
java -jar core/connection-lens-core-full-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar --help
Usage: java -jar connection-lens-full-<version>.jar [options]
-qs, --collect-query-stats
If set, logs query-related statistics
Default: false
-rs, --collect-registration-stats
If set, logs registration-related statistics
Default: false
-ss, --collect-similarity-stats
If set, logs similarity-related statistics
Default: false
-c, --config
Path to configuration file. The file will be used to set all default
values. If the option is not set, default parameter files will searched
in the current directory. If no such file is found, build-in default
will be used.
-E, --eager-extractor
Is false, lazy extraction results are cached on disk for future similar
Default: false
-json, --export CL Graph to json
Use to export the CL graph in a json file.
Default: false
For the similarity computation to be run, even if no know datasource was
Default: false
-h, --help
Displays this help message.
Default: false
-lateIdx, --index-later
Is true, create necessary indexes at the begining of the loading and
delay the creation of some tables and index to the last loading.
Default: false
-i, --input
Comma-separated list of file or directory paths. If a directory is
specified, all descendant files are used as inputs.
Default: []
-a, --interactive-mode
If true, read incoming query from STDIN after the registration phase,
until EOF is reached.
Default: false
-last, --last
Is true, this will be the last loading after multiple loadings.
Default: false
-n, --noreset-at-start
Do NOT reset the data structures upon starting.
Default: false
-ou, --orignal-uri
Comma-separated list of original uris.
Default: []
-o, --output
Path to output file. Default: STDOUT
-f, --output-format
The format in which to output the statistics.
Default: DEFAULT
-q, --query
A(single) keyword query to execute.
-Q, --query-file
A file containing one input query per line.
-v, --verbose
Use verbose mode.
Default: true
### Querying
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