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......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ ConnectionLens is available as a web application or as a command line applicatio
* a beginner-friendly installation trough a virtual image (Docker) that will give access only to the web application;
* a full installation in which both command line and web application are installed.
ConnectionLens allows customizing many parameters, illustrated in `core/settings/properties` (for instance: default_locale controls the language etc.). Each parameter has a default value built in the JAR. You can change parameter values to your liking in the `core/settings/properties` file; **to make sure your settings are used, add `-c core/settings/properties` to the launch command.**
# Installation using Docker
Docker is a platform that facilitates installing software on any operating system. Before proceeding, please install [Docker]( Note that on Linux you might need to install also Docker Compose.
......@@ -34,7 +36,7 @@ Depending on your machine and internet connection this step might take 10-15 min
To start the web application:```docker-compose up```. The web application will be available at `http://localhost:8080/gui/`.
We provide a [tutorial]( on how to use the interface.
We note that Connectionlens has a property file in `core/settings/properties`. This file can be used to specify the language in which documents are written, via the parameter default_locale.
If you want to change the default language, French, and use English instead modify and save the file. To use the web application with the new language you need to restart it: ```docker-compose down && docker-compose up```.
# Full installation
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