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This repository contains information to reproduce the DLP-240 discrete
logarithm record.
Several chapters are covered.
* [Software prerequisites, and reference hardware configuration](#software-prerequisites-and-reference-hardware-configuration)
* [Searching for a polynomial pair](searching-for-a-polynomial-pair)
* [Estimating the number of (unique) relations](estimating-the-number-of-unique-relations)
* [Estimating the cost of sieving](estimating-the-cost-of-sieving)
* [Estimating linear algebra time (coarsely)](estimating-linear-algebra-time-coarsely)
* [Validating the claimed sieving results](validating-the-claimed-sieving-results)
* [Reproducing the filtering results](reproducing-the-filtering-results)
* [Duplicate removal](duplicate-removal)
* [The "purge" step, a.k.a. singleton and "clique" removal.](the-purge-step-aka-singleton-and-clique-removal)
* [The "merge" step](the-merge-step)
* [The "replay" step](the-replay-step)
* [Computing the right-hand side.](computing-the-righthand-side)
* [Estimating linear algebra time more precisely, and choosing parameters](estimating-linear-algebra-time-more-precisely-and-choosing-parameters)
* [Reproducing the linear algebra results](reproducing-the-linear-algebra-results)
* [Back-substituting the linear algebra result in collected relations](backsubstituting-the-linear-algebra-result-in-collected-relations)
* [Reproducing the individual logarithm result](reproducing-the-individual-logarithm-result)
## Software prerequisites, and reference hardware configuration
This is exactly similar to RSA-240. For full reproducibility of the
This is exactly similar to
[RSA-240](../rsa240/ For full reproducibility of the
computation, 10TB of data is perhaps a bit small; 20TB would be a more
comfortable setup.
......@@ -23,7 +43,7 @@ a successful cado-nfs build directory. The `DATA` variable, which is
used by some scripts, should point to a directory with plenty of storage,
possibly on some shared filesystem. Storage is also needed to store the
temporary files with collected relations. Overall, a full reproduction of
the computation would need in the whereabouts of 10TB of storage. All
the computation would need in the whereabouts of 20TB of storage. All
scripts provided in this script expect to be run from the directory where
they are placed, since they are also trying to access companion data
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