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## Reproducing the filtering results
Several filtering experiments were done during the sieving phase.
The final one can be reproduced as follows, with revision f59dcf48f:
purge -out purged3.gz -nrels 6132671469 -keep 160 -col-min-index 0 -col-max-index 8460769956 -t 56 -required_excess 0.0 files
where `files` is the list of files with unique relations (output of `dup2`).
This took about 9.3 hours on the machine wurst, with 138GB of peak memory.
The merge step can be reproduced as follows (revision eaeb2053d):
merge -out history5 -t 112 -target_density 250 -mat purged3.gz -skip 32
and took about 3 hours on the machine wurst, with a peak memory of 1500GB.
Finally the replay step can be reproduced as follows:
replay -purged purged3.gz -his history5 -out rsa250.matrix.250.bin
## Estimating linear algebra time more precisely, and choosing parameters
## Reproducing the linear algebra results
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