Commit eea51dc5 authored by Emmanuel Thomé's avatar Emmanuel Thomé

fix for old magma script. Weird

parent b1857ba0
......@@ -40,8 +40,7 @@ else
if #l gt 4 and l[1..4] eq "poly" then
// assuming l = "poly%d: c0,c1,..."
tmp:=Split(l, ":");
ind:=Split(tmp[1], "poly");
ind:=StringToInteger(Substring(tmp[1], 5, #tmp[1]));
pol:=ZP![StringToInteger(x) : x in Split(tmp[2], ",")];
polys[ind +1]:=pol;
end if;
......@@ -910,3 +909,4 @@ else
end if;
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