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Commit e24573e6 authored by Emmanuel Thomé's avatar Emmanuel Thomé
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smaller context in docker containers

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......@@ -60,7 +60,10 @@ workflow:
- docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_JOB_TOKEN $CI_REGISTRY
- docker pull $IMAGE:latest || true
- ci/00-dockerfile.sh | docker build -t $IMAGE --cache-from $IMAGE:latest -f - ci
# the command below is almost the same as:
# ci/00-dockerfile.sh | docker build -t $IMAGE --cache-from $IMAGE:latest -f - ci
# but with the specificity that the context is trimmed down
- ci/00-docker-build.sh $IMAGE
- docker push $IMAGE
- T=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`-$CI_COMMIT_SHA ; docker tag $IMAGE:latest $IMAGE:$T ; docker push $IMAGE:$T
# This wrapper is run on the hosts that build the containers, i.e. from
# the "docker" docker image, using /bin/sh. We do like to have
# "pipefail", although it's not obvious that it will work with /bin/sh.
# As a matter of fact, currently it does work, so we're happy.
set -e
set -o pipefail
# The goal is to minimize the context, so that silly little changes to
# the ci/ tree don't necessarily trigger a full rebuild of the
# containers.
tmp=$(mktemp -d /tmp/XXXXXXXXXX)
trap "rm -rf $tmp" EXIT
mkdir $tmp/context
needed_files() {
cat <<EOF
(cd "$(dirname $0)" ; needed_files | xargs tar cf $tmp/context.tar.gz)
(cd "$tmp"/context ; tar xf $tmp/context.tar.gz)
ci/00-dockerfile.sh > "$tmp/context/Dockerfile"
docker build -t $IMAGE --cache-from $IMAGE:latest $tmp/context
......@@ -85,15 +85,6 @@ export DOCKER_SCRIPT=1
export CI_BUILD_NAME="$1"
tmp=$(mktemp -d /tmp/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
trap "rm -rf $tmp" EXIT
cat > $tmp/prepare.sh <<EOF
# This installs packages just as our CI jobs do. However, because of the
# DOCKER_SCRIPT environment variable, some bonus packages are installed
# as well (vim, gdb).
. /host/ci/000-functions.sh
. /host/ci/001-environment.sh
. /host/ci/999-debug.sh
if ! [ "$NO_REMOVE" ] ; then
......@@ -138,7 +129,6 @@ EOF
tanker vm run "${DARGS[@]}" -t $myimage "${commands[@]}"
ci/00-dockerfile.sh > $tmp/Dockerfile
# TODO what is this imagename business about ??? Seems to me that the
# whole command line, beyond CI_BUILD_NAME, is interpreted in a
# fairly weird way.
......@@ -149,7 +139,11 @@ else
docker build -t "$imagename" -f $tmp/Dockerfile ci
# run with bash instead of sh. the "docker" docker image has a
# /bin/sh shell that groks "set -o pipefail", which appears in
# ci/00-docker-build.sh ; such is not the case of /bin/sh on debian,
# at least.
bash ci/00-docker-build.sh "$imagename"
echo "# NOTE: docker image is $imagename"
echo "# NOTE: this image contains a few extra debug tools"
docker run "${DARGS[@]}" -ti --hostname docker-script-$RANDOM --volume $PWD:/host "$imagename" /host/ci/999-debug.sh "$@"
......@@ -1632,3 +1632,4 @@ ci/utilities/tanker
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