Commit aa1fae3d authored by Alexander Kruppa's avatar Alexander Kruppa

Comment typos

parent 49a16110
......@@ -156,8 +156,8 @@ class Sha1Cache(object):
if not realpath in self._sha1:
logger = logging.getLogger("Sha1Cache")
logger.debug("Computing SHA1 for file %s", realpath)
sha1 = hashlib.sha1()
with open(realpath, "rb") as inputfile:
sha1 = hashlib.sha1()
for data in self._read_file_in_blocks(inputfile):
self._sha1[realpath] = (sha1.hexdigest(), file_id)
......@@ -184,14 +184,14 @@ class Program(object, metaclass=InspectType):
name: a name used internally in the Python scripts for this program, must
start with a letter and contain only letters and digits; if the binary
file name is of this form, then that can be used
params: a mapping that tell how to translate configuration parameters to
params: a mapping that tells how to translate configuration parameters to
command line options. The keys of the mapping are the keys as in the
configuration file, e.g., "verbose" in a configuartion file line
tasks.polyselect.verbose = 1
The values of the mapping are instances of subclasses of Option,
initialised with the command line parameter they should map to, e.g.,
"verbose" should map to an instance Toggle("-v"), and "threads" should
map to an instance Parameter("-t")
"verbose" should map to an instance Toggle("v"), and "threads" should
map to an instance Parameter("t")
>>> p = Ls()
>>> p.make_command_line()
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