Commit 9fe4b313 authored by Cyril Bouvier's avatar Cyril Bouvier

In renumber more explicit error message

parent aa1fae3d
......@@ -600,7 +600,12 @@ renumber_get_index_from_p_r (renumber_t renumber_info, p_r_values_t p,
/* assert that p is below the large prime bound */
p_r_values_t lpb = 1UL << ((side == RATIONAL_SIDE) ? renumber_info->lpbr :
ASSERT_ALWAYS (p < lpb);
if (UNLIKELY(p >= lpb))
fprintf (stderr, "Error (in %s, line %d) p=%" PRpr " > lpb=%" PRpr "\n",
__func__, __LINE__, p, lpb);
if (renumber_info->rat == -1)
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