Commit 5077e3b9 authored by Emmanuel Thomé's avatar Emmanuel Thomé
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moderated frightening statement in NEWS

parent 446f4de2
......@@ -10,8 +10,10 @@ Main changes between cado-nfs-1.1 and cado-nfs-2.0:
currently not supported
* new script written in Python, allows larger-scale distribution
with client/server model
* files used/generated by cado-nfs-1.1 are not compatible with cado-nfs-2.0,
and binaries use different command-line options
* files used/generated by cado-nfs-1.1 are not entirely compatible with
cado-nfs-2.0. Relations files are compatible, but for pretty much
everything else, it is preferrable to start afresh. Likewise,
command-line options of several binaries have changed.
* implementations of NFS-DL and NFS-FFS (experimental, requires some
background knowledge to use)
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