Commit 2839d2ee authored by Alexander Kruppa's avatar Alexander Kruppa

Bugfix: translate_path() must operate on path argument, not on self.path

parent e64a9923
......@@ -291,12 +291,12 @@ class MyHandler(http.server.CGIHTTPRequestHandler):
# Path in url always starts with '/'
# print("translate_path(%s)" % path)
relpath = self.path.lstrip('/')
relpath = path.lstrip('/')
if relpath in self.registered_filenames:
self.log(logging.DEBUG, "Translated path %s to %s", self.path,
self.log(logging.DEBUG, "Translated path %s to %s", path,
return self.registered_filenames[relpath]
self.log(logging.DEBUG, "Not translating path %s ", self.path)
self.log(logging.DEBUG, "Not translating path %s ", path)
if self.only_registered:
return None
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