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......@@ -13,20 +13,20 @@ This application enables users to easily go through the following steps :
BioPyC offers a unique interface to quickly create ML models and compare both EEG and physiological signals-based classifiers without any coding.
## <font color = green> Python librairies (dependencies): </font>
- Python 3 (should work with all Python versions)
- Python 3.5
- MNE (version 0.17 !! "pip3 install mne==0.17")
- scikit learn
- Jupyter Notebook
- Voila
- numpy
- pandas
- pingouin
- skfeature (pip3 install skfeature-chappers)
- scikit learn ("pip3 install sklearn")
- Jupyter Notebook ("pip3 install jupyter")
- Voila ("pip3 install voila")
- numpy ("pip3 install numpy")
- pandas ("pip3 install pandas")
- pingouin ("pip3 install pingouin")
- skfeature ("pip3 install skfeature-chappers")
Specific to phyiological signals (heart rate, EDA, ECG):
- pywt (pip install PyWavelets)
- biosppy
- neurokit
- pywt ("pip3 install PyWavelets")
- biosppy ("pip3 install biosppy")
- neurokit ("pip3 install neurokit")
- nolds (pip install 'nolds<0.5' --force-reinstall) -> you might get conflits with neurokit
## <font color = orange> 0 - Before to start using BioPyC </font>
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