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Guide for setting up a new election

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......@@ -104,3 +104,67 @@ that there is no matching between them based on line numbers.
To get the public key derived from a private credential, run:
Server administrator's guide
### Overview of the web server
A sample web server can be run with the `tests/` script.
Here is an excerpt of the sample configuration file:
<eliom module="_build/src/web/server.cma">
<log file="_RUNDIR_/log/security.log"/>
<data dir="tests/data"/>
The `log` tag indicates a file where some security-sentive events will
be logged. The `data` tag indicates a directory with election
data. This directory must contain one subdirectory per election, and
in each of these directories, the following files are expected:
* `election.json`: election parameters
* `metadata.json`: additional parameters that are not published
* `public_keys.jsons`: public keys of the trustees, one per line
* `public_creds.txt`: anonymous public credentials, one per line
If a `result.json` file exists, the election is assumed to be finished
and ignored.
The *election fingerprint*, which is shown on the election page and in
the booth, is the compact Base64 encoding of the SHA256 of
`election.json`. It can be computed from a POSIX shell by piping it
sha256sum | xxd -r -p | base64
During an election, the web server stores dynamic data such as
accepted ballots in Ocsipersist's store.
In the following, we assume `ocsigenserver` is properly configured.
### Setup a new election
1. Generate an UUID with the `uuidgen` command.
2. Ask each trustee to generate a keypair, and the credential
authority to generate credentials. Note that the UUID is needed
to perform credential generation.
3. Create a new directory in the data directory. For uniqueness, it
is suggested to include the UUID in the directory name. In the
following, we denote by `$DIR` the full path to this directory.
4. Go to Belenios source tree (we assume its full path is
5. Edit `stuff/` with the election parameters, and run
`make all`.
6. Go to `$DIR`.
7. Concatenate all trustee public keys into a `public_keys.jsons`
file, and run `$BELENIOS/_build/stuff/template.native`. It should
generate `election.json` and `metadata.json`. The `ydump` tool
(from Yojson) can be used to pretty-print them.
8. (Optionally) Edit `election.json` and `metadata.json` to your
9. Save the file with public credentials generated by the credential
authority into `public_creds.txt`.
10. Launch `ocsigenserver`.
......@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@
<tests/**/*.{ml,mli,byte,native,odoc}>: package(lwt.unix), syntax(camlp4o), package(lwt.syntax)
<src/web/*.{ml,mli,byte,native,odoc}>: package(eliom.server), syntax(camlp4o), package(lwt.syntax)
<src/bin/*>: binary
<stuff/*>: binary
......@@ -6,3 +6,4 @@ README.html
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ let () = dispatch & function
Pathname.define_context "src/bin" ["src/lib"];
Pathname.define_context "tests/legacy" ["src/lib"];
Pathname.define_context "tests" ["src/lib"];
Pathname.define_context "stuff" ["src/lib"];
Pathname.define_context "." ["src/lib"];
(* the following avoids an ocamlfind warning, it should be built-in *)
open Util
open Serializable_t
(* Setup group *)
let g = Z.of_string "14887492224963187634282421537186040801304008017743492304481737382571933937568724473847106029915040150784031882206090286938661464458896494215273989547889201144857352611058572236578734319505128042602372864570426550855201448111746579871811249114781674309062693442442368697449970648232621880001709535143047913661432883287150003429802392229361583608686643243349727791976247247948618930423866180410558458272606627111270040091203073580238905303994472202930783207472394578498507764703191288249547659899997131166130259700604433891232298182348403175947450284433411265966789131024573629546048637848902243503970966798589660808533";;
let p = Z.of_string "16328632084933010002384055033805457329601614771185955389739167309086214800406465799038583634953752941675645562182498120750264980492381375579367675648771293800310370964745767014243638518442553823973482995267304044326777047662957480269391322789378384619428596446446984694306187644767462460965622580087564339212631775817895958409016676398975671266179637898557687317076177218843233150695157881061257053019133078545928983562221396313169622475509818442661047018436264806901023966236718367204710755935899013750306107738002364137917426595737403871114187750804346564731250609196846638183903982387884578266136503697493474682071";;
let q = Z.of_string "61329566248342901292543872769978950870633559608669337131139375508370458778917";;
assert (Election.check_finite_field ~p ~q ~g);;
module G = (
val Election.finite_field ~g ~p ~q : Signatures.GROUP with type t = Z.t
module M = Election.MakeSimpleMonad(G);;
(* Setup trustees *)
module KG = Election.MakeSimpleDistKeyGen(G)(M);;
let public_keys =
let ic = open_in "public_keys.jsons" in
let raw_keys =
let rec loop xs =
match (try Some (input_line ic) with End_of_file -> None) with
| Some x -> loop (x::xs)
| None -> xs
in loop []
close_in ic;
let keys = (fun x ->
Serializable_j.trustee_public_key_of_string Serializable_builtin_j.read_number x
) raw_keys |> Array.of_list in
assert (Array.forall KG.check keys);
let y = KG.combine public_keys
(* Setup election *)
let election = {
e_description = "This is a test election.";
e_name = "Test election";
e_public_key = {g; p; q; y};
e_questions =
q_answers = [| "a"; "b"; "c"; "d"; "e" |];
q_min = 0;
q_max = 1;
q_question = "Question 1?";
q_answers = [| "a"; "b"; "c"; "d"; "e"; "f" |];
q_min = 2;
q_max = 3;
q_question = "Question 2?";
q_answers = [| "a"; "b"; "c" |];
q_min = 1;
q_max = 1;
q_question = "Question 3?";
e_uuid = Uuidm.create `V4;
e_short_name = "test";
let metadata =
let open CalendarLib.Fcalendar.Precise in
let now = now () in
e_voting_starts_at = now, None;
e_voting_ends_at = now, None;
e_voters_list = None;
(* Save to disk *)
let save_to filename writer x =
let oc = open_out filename in
let ob = Bi_outbuf.create_channel_writer oc in
writer ob x;
Bi_outbuf.flush_channel_writer ob;
close_out oc;;
open Serializable_j;;
save_to "election.json" (write_election write_ff_pubkey) election;;
save_to "metadata.json" write_metadata metadata;;
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