Commit f6dd7856 authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu
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trustee-keygen: set permissions on generated files

parent 295f9428
......@@ -29,15 +29,29 @@ let id = String.sub
Printf.printf "Keypair %s has been generated\n%!" id;;
let save id kind thing writer =
let filename = Printf.sprintf "%s.%s" id kind in
let oc = open_out filename in
let pubkey =
id ^ ".public",
Serializable_j.write_trustee_public_key Serializable_builtin_j.write_number
let privkey =
id ^ ".private",
let save (kind, filename, perm, thing, writer) =
let oc = open_out_gen [Open_wronly; Open_creat] perm filename in
let ob = Bi_outbuf.create_channel_writer oc in
writer ob thing;
Bi_outbuf.flush_channel_writer ob;
close_out oc;
Printf.printf "%s key saved to %s\n%!" (String.capitalize kind) filename
Printf.printf "%s key saved to %s\n%!" (String.capitalize kind) filename;
(* set permissions in the unlikely case where the file already existed *)
Unix.chmod filename perm;;
save id "public" public_key (Serializable_j.write_trustee_public_key Serializable_builtin_j.write_number);;
save id "private" private_key Serializable_builtin_j.write_number;;
save pubkey;;
save privkey;;
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