Commit eea33d9b authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu

Use post_service for election_setup_credentials_post*

With post_coservice, Eliom adds a hidden form parameter that makes
writing independent clients more painful.
parent 0b886049
......@@ -50,8 +50,8 @@ let election_setup_trustee_add_server = post_coservice ~fallback:election_setup
let election_setup_trustee_del = post_coservice ~fallback:election_setup ~post_params:(int "index") ()
let election_setup_credential_authority = service ~path:["setup"; "credential-authority"] ~get_params:(uuid "uuid") ()
let election_setup_credentials = service ~path:["setup"; "credentials"] ~get_params:(string "token") ()
let election_setup_credentials_post = post_coservice ~fallback:election_setup_credentials ~post_params:(string "public_creds") ()
let election_setup_credentials_post_file = post_coservice ~fallback:election_setup_credentials ~post_params:(file "public_creds") ()
let election_setup_credentials_post = post_service ~fallback:election_setup_credentials ~post_params:(string "public_creds") ()
let election_setup_credentials_post_file = post_service ~fallback:election_setup_credentials ~post_params:(file "public_creds") ()
let election_setup_credentials_server = post_coservice ~fallback:election_setup ~post_params:unit ()
let election_setup_trustees = service ~path:["setup"; "trustees"] ~get_params:(uuid "uuid") ()
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