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......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ Belenios
### Dependencies
To run basic command-line tools, you will need:
* [OCaml](
......@@ -27,6 +29,18 @@ To run the web server, you will additionally need:
* [Eliom]( version 3
In general, using [OPAM]( should work on any
Unix-based system.
To generate HTML files from `.md` ones, you will need:
* [Markdown](
There are two Makefile targets corresponding to the two levels of
dependencies: `minimal` (default) and `all`.
### Debian-specific instructions
On Debian and its derivatives, you can find the list of packages to
install in the `stuff/belenios-deps-*.control` files. You can also
create meta-packages with `equivs` by using the following commands:
......@@ -41,13 +55,37 @@ install` to install missing dependencies.
NOTE: `equiv-build` should not be run from a NFS directory!
There are two Makefile targets corresponding to the two levels of
dependencies: `minimal` (default) and `all`.
Voter's guide
During an election, you should have access to the following files:
* `election.json`: election parameters
* `public_keys.jsons`: trustees' public keys
* `public_creds.txt`: the public keys associated to valid credentials
* `ballots.jsons`: accepted ballots
Note that the last two are dynamic, and evolve during the election. At
the end of the election, they are frozen and a `result.json` file will
be published.
If you put these files in a directory `/path/to/election`, the following
command will perform all possible verifications, depending on existing
./stuff/ --dir /path/to/election
For example, during the election, you can check if some candidate
ballot is acceptable by putting it alone in `ballots.jsons`, and
running the command above.
Trustee's guide
### Key generation
To generate a keypair, run:
make trustee-keygen
......@@ -57,6 +95,19 @@ containing respectively the public and the private key. Send the
public key file to the server administrator, and keep the private key
with extreme care.
### Partial decryption
To compute your decryption share, set `/path/to/election` up as
described in the _Voter's guide_ section above, and run:
./stuff/ --dir /path/to/election --decrypt /path/to/privkey > partial_decryption.json
and send `partial_decryption.json` to the election
Note: be sure to authenticate all your input files when you use your
private key!
Credential authority's guide
......@@ -116,10 +167,13 @@ A sample web server can be run with the `tests/` script.
Here is an excerpt of the sample configuration file:
<eliom module="_build/src/web/server.cma">
<admin hash="XXX"/>
<log file="_RUNDIR_/log/security.log"/>
<data dir="tests/data"/>
The `admin` tag indicates the SHA256 of the admin password.
The `log` tag indicates a file where some security-sentive events will
be logged. The `data` tag indicates a directory with election
data. This directory must contain one subdirectory per election, and
......@@ -168,3 +222,24 @@ In the following, we assume `ocsigenserver` is properly configured.
9. Save the file with public credentials generated by the credential
authority into `public_creds.txt`.
10. Launch `ocsigenserver`.
### Update a credential
1. Go to `/login-admin` on the live server and log in using the admin
2. Go to `/election/update-cred?uuid=UUID`, and fill in the form.
### Tally
1. Go to the election directory, which must contain `election.json`,
`public_keys.jsons`, `public_creds.txt` and `ballots.jsons`.
2. Concatenate the `partial_decryption.json` received from each
trustee into a `partial_decryptions.jsons`, in the same order as in
3. Run `$BELENIOS/stuff/`. It will create
`result.json`. Publish this file, along with the files listed in
the first step above. The whole set will enable universal
Note: `partial_decryptions.jsons` is a temporary file whose contents
is embedded in `result.json`, so there is no need to keep it.
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