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Commit c94fbdee authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu
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CAS: remove /cas/ from external service paths

This prefix is not in the CAS spec and seems specific to some
instances. People can add "/cas" to the server path in their config if
parent b0e97728
......@@ -187,19 +187,19 @@ module Register (C : AUTH_CONFIG) (S : ALL_SERVICES) (T : TEMPLATES) = struct
let () = if C.enable_cas then (
let cas_login = Eliom_service.external_service
~path:["cas"; "login"]
~get_params:Eliom_parameter.(string "service")
let cas_logout = Eliom_service.external_service
~path:["cas"; "logout"]
~get_params:Eliom_parameter.(string "service")
let cas_validate = Eliom_service.external_service
~path:["cas"; "validate"]
~get_params:Eliom_parameter.(string "service" ** string "ticket")
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