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Commit a8efcf7d authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu

Add description of the project on the front page

parent 5b6eea6f
......@@ -140,12 +140,37 @@ let format_election kind election =
let home ~featured () =
let loria = Eliom_service.Http.external_service
let belenios = Eliom_service.Http.external_service
let content = [
div [
h2 ~a:[a_style "text-align:center;"] [pcdata welcome_message];
h3 [a ~service:admin [pcdata "Administer elections"] ()];
div [p [br ()]];
div [br ()];
div [
pcdata "Belenios is an electronic voting system developed at ";
a ~service:loria [pcdata "LORIA"] ();
pcdata ". It provides both confidentiality of the votes and ";
pcdata "end-to-end verifiability of the result. Verifiability ";
pcdata "relies in particular on the fact that the ballots are ";
pcdata "stored on a public ballot box (on a webpage), so that ";
pcdata "voters can check the presence of their ballots. Similarly, ";
pcdata "anyone can check that the published result corresponds to ";
pcdata "the contents of the ballot box. More information and ";
pcdata "discussion can be found on the ";
a ~service:belenios [pcdata "Belenios web page"] ();
pcdata ".";
] in
let login_box = pcdata "" in
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