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Commit 8e4bb068 authored by Swergas's avatar Swergas

edit DOM of a page for better CSS selector of regenerate password button

parent f3bce500
......@@ -2056,7 +2056,7 @@ let election_admin election metadata state get_tokens_decrypt () =
pcdata ""
div [
a ~service:election_regenpwd [pcdata "Regenerate and mail a password"] uuid;
a ~a:[a_id "election_regenpwd"] ~service:election_regenpwd [pcdata "Regenerate and mail a password"] uuid;
let content = [
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ pris en compte.
# She arrives to the election administration page. For each voter of the NUMBER_OF_REGENERATED_PASSWORD_VOTERS selected voters:
for email_address in self.voters_email_addresses_who_have_lost_their_password:
# She clicks on the "Regenerate and mail a password" link
regenerate_and_mail_a_password_link_css_selector = "#main a[href^='regenpwd?uuid=']"
regenerate_and_mail_a_password_link_css_selector = "#election_regenpwd"
regenerate_and_mail_a_password_link_element = wait_for_element_exists(browser, regenerate_and_mail_a_password_link_css_selector, settings.EXPLICIT_WAIT_TIMEOUT)
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