Commit 8047389f authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu
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Use proper temporary files in load_and_check

parent 02ee831c
......@@ -40,18 +40,14 @@ let save typ fname x =
Bi_outbuf.flush_channel_writer buf;
close_out o
let () =
assert (Sys.command "mkdir -p _build/tests/data/favorite-editor" = 0)
let load_and_check typ fname =
let one_thing = load typ fname in
save typ (Filename.concat "_build" fname) one_thing;
let r = Printf.ksprintf Sys.command "bash -c '\
diff -u <(json_pp < %s) <(json_pp < _build/%s)
'" fname fname
let thing = load typ fname in
let tempfname = Filename.temp_file "belenios" ".json" in
save typ tempfname thing;
let r = Printf.ksprintf Sys.command "bash -c 'diff -u <(json_pp < %s) <(json_pp < %s)'" fname tempfname in
assert (r = 0);
Sys.remove tempfname;
let data x = Filename.concat "tests/data/favorite-editor" x
let one_election = load_and_check Types.election (data "election.json")
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