Commit 7b80aa6e authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu
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Remove useless metadata generation from demo script

parent e5a2fccf
......@@ -35,11 +35,6 @@ cat *.pubkey > public_keys.jsons
# Generate election parameters
belenios-tool mkelection --uuid $UUID --group $BELENIOS/demo/groups/default.json --template $BELENIOS/demo/templates/election.json
# Generate election metadata
BDATE="$(date -u +'%F %T.000')"
EDATE="$(date -u -d tomorrow +'%F %T.000')"
printf '{"voting_starts_at":"%s","voting_ends_at":"%s"}\n' "$BDATE" "$EDATE" > metadata.json
header "Simulate votes"
cat private_creds.txt | while read cred; do
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