Commit 7566b0a1 authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu

Add a newline to the end of files generated by tool_js_credgen

parent 6ae25105
......@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ let generate _ =
let text_pks = pubs |> List.sort compare |> String.concat "\n" in
set_textarea "pks" text_pks;
let text_creds = privs |> List.rev |> String.concat "\n" in
let text_creds = (privs |> List.rev |> String.concat "\n") ^ "\n" in
let data_creds = (Js.string "data:text/plain,")##concat (Js.encodeURI (Js.string text_creds)) in
ignore (Dom_html.window##open_ (data_creds, Js.string "creds", Js.null));
let text_hashed = hashs |> List.rev |> String.concat "\n" in
let text_hashed = (hashs |> List.rev |> String.concat "\n") ^ "\n" in
let data_hashed = (Js.string "data:text/plain,")##concat (Js.encodeURI (Js.string text_hashed)) in
ignore (Dom_html.window##open_ (data_hashed, Js.string "hashed", Js.null));
alert "New windows (or tabs) were open with private credentials and credential hashes. Please save them before submitting public credentials!";
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