Commit 6c4052f7 authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu

Demo script: more diverse voting

parent 6d3c42a8
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ uuid="--uuid $UUID"
group="--group $BELENIOS/demo/groups/default.json"
# Generate credentials
belenios-tool credgen $uuid $group --count 3
belenios-tool credgen $uuid $group --count 5
mv *.pubcreds public_creds.txt
mv *.privcreds private_creds.txt
......@@ -41,8 +41,16 @@ belenios-tool mkelection $uuid $group --template $BELENIOS/demo/templates/questi
header "Simulate votes"
cat private_creds.txt | while read id cred; do
belenios-tool vote --privcred <(echo $cred) --ballot <(printf "[[1,0]]")
cat > votes.txt <<EOF
paste private_creds.txt votes.txt | while read id cred vote; do
belenios-tool vote --privcred <(echo "$cred") --ballot <(echo "$vote")
echo "Voter $id voted" >&2
echo >&2
done > ballots.tmp
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