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More comments to clarify how keys are built in the threshold mode

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......@@ -345,7 +345,10 @@ $\textsf{field}(o)$ to access the field \textsf{field} of $o$.
A private key is a random number $x$ modulo $q$. The corresponding
A private key is a number $x$ modulo $q$, chosen at random in the
basic decryption mode, and computed after several interactions in the
threshold mode.
The corresponding
$\pklabel$ is $X=g^x$. A $\tpk$ is a bundle of this public key with a
\hyperref[common]{$\proof$} of knowledge computed as follows:
......@@ -622,7 +625,8 @@ Trustee $\mathcal{T}_j$ fills $\textsf{vo}_j$ as follows:
\item \textsf{public\_key} is set to a
\hyperref[trustee-keys]{\texttt{trustee\_public\_key}} structure
built using $S_j$ as private key.
built using $S_j$ as private key, which computes the corresponding
public key and a proof of knowledge of $S_j$.
The administrator checks $\textsf{vo}_j$ as follows:
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