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Commit 2fe96be8 authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu
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More visible link to trustee decryption page

parent c420c996
......@@ -707,7 +707,12 @@ let election_admin w ~is_featured state auth () =
td [
[pcdata (string_of_int trustee_id)]
pcdata @@ rewrite_prefix @@ Eliom_uri.make_string_uri
(W.election.e_params.e_uuid, ((), trustee_id))
(W.election.e_params.e_uuid, ((), trustee_id))
td [
......@@ -741,7 +746,7 @@ let election_admin w ~is_featured state auth () =
div [pcdata "We are now waiting for trustees..."];
(tr [
td [pcdata "Trustee ID"];
td [pcdata "Trustee link"];
td [pcdata "Done?"];
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