Commit 0dce0787 authored by Stephane Glondu's avatar Stephane Glondu
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Basic infrastructure for Eliom application

parent f4a25444
<**/*.{ml,mli}>: package(zarith), package(calendar), package(uuidm), package(cryptokit), package(atdgen)
<**/*.{ml,mli}>: thread, package(zarith), package(calendar), package(uuidm), package(cryptokit), package(atdgen), package(eliom.server)
<**/*_{t,j}.{ml,mli}>: package(yojson)
open Lwt
open Eliom_content.Html5.D
open Eliom_service
open Eliom_parameter
open Eliom_registration.Html5
let main_service =
register_service ~path:["helios"] ~get_params:unit
(fun () () -> return (html (head (title (pcdata "Page title")) [])
(body [h1 [pcdata "Helios"]])))
<!-- -*- Mode: Xml -*- -->
<findlib path="/usr/lib/ocaml"/>
<extension findlib-package="ocsigenserver.ext.staticmod"/>
<extension findlib-package="ocsigenserver.ext.ocsipersist-sqlite">
<database file="_RUNDIR_/lib/ocsidb"/>
<extension findlib-package="eliom.server"/>
<host charset="utf-8" hostfilter="*" defaulthostname="localhost">
<eliom module="_build/src/server.cma" />
mkdir -p \
$RUNDIR/etc \
$RUNDIR/log \
$RUNDIR/lib \
sed "s@_RUNDIR_@$RUNDIR@g" tests/ > $RUNDIR/etc/ocsigenserver.conf
if [ ! -d _build ]; then
echo "This script should be run from the root of the source tree!"
exit 1
ocsigenserver -c $RUNDIR/etc/ocsigenserver.conf "$@"
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