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Compiling on Windows using Cygwin

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......@@ -131,6 +131,42 @@ then be installed with:
sudo apt-get install libatdgen-ocaml-dev libzarith-ocaml-dev libcryptokit-ocaml-dev libuuidm-ocaml-dev libcalendar-ocaml-dev
sudo apt-get install ocsigenserver eliom libcsv-ocaml-dev
Compiling on Windows using Cygwin
Windows is not yet a fully supported platform, but you can compile at
least the command-line tool on Windows + 32-bit
[Cygwin]( You might need the following
* curl
* dos2unix
* flexdll
* gcc-core
* gcc-g++
* git
* gmp
* libgmp-devel
* libncursesw-devel
* libpcre-devel
* libsqlite3-devel
* m4
* make
* ocaml
* ocaml-base
* ocaml-camlp4
* ocaml-compiler-libs
* openssh
* patch
* pkg-config
* zlib-devel
With these packages installed, you should be able to install OPAM by
following its [installation instructions from
Once OPAM is installed, follow the instructions in the _Command-line
tool_ section above.
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