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notes on improvement in FindCompos

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Improve FindCompos to exploit collisions (with non-zero probability)
in order to prove injectivity.
Currently, find_compos_bin works as follows:
if M = X, X is independent of x, and M determines x, then
we bound the probability that M = X. "M determines x"
is proved by building M' obtained from M by replacing all variables
that depend on x with fresh variables. In particular, x is
replaced by x'. We prove that M = M' implies x = x', using
only equations (no collision statements).
It would be better to work as follows:
if M = X and X is independent of x, then there exists a term M',
obtained from M by replacing all variables that depend on x with
fresh variables, such that M' = X and M' is independent of x.
Then the probability that M = X is bounded by the probability that
M = M'. The latter probability can be bounded using both
equations and collision statements.
Note: the form chosen for M' is good when using equations/collisions
that show injectivity, e.g. (f(y) = f(z)) = (y = z), but in general
other forms of M' may perhaps be better? It still seems difficult to consider
other forms of M'.
The better definition of find_compos_bin would allow CV to infer
the collisions
collision y <-R Z; forall X: subG;
return(pow_k(subGtoG(exp_div_k(g_k, y))) = X) <=(2*Pcoll1rand(Z))=> return(false)
if X independent-of y.
+ the same with exp_div_k' instead of exp_div_k
+ the same with subGtoG instead of pow_k(subGtoG
in DH_X25519, DH_X448, DH_single_coord_ladder.
Set future binders/true facts in terms in Terms.build_def_process
Allow insert find[unique], provided CryptoVerif manages to
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